D’VIRIA is a unique and advanced delivery system in response to the current COVID-19 global pandemic, by offering economical, research-driven healthcare products that are accessible to the public.

D’VIRIA combines sodium chlorite and sodium bisulfate salts to produce ultra-pure chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas dissolved in water which acts as the active disinfection agent against viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mold, yeast, bacterial spores and other contaminants.

No. Chlorine Dioxide is radically different than Chlorine. On a molar basis, Chlorine Dioxide is 2.6 times more effective than Chlorine. However, Chlorine Dioxide will not react with many organic compounds, and as a result, ClO2 does not produce carcinogenic chlorinated organic compounds such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs).

No, the solution is water based and contains no alcohol.

YES, D’VIRIA holds Halal Correct Certification (TQHCC) a member of World Halal Food Council Accredited by MUI-JAKIM-MUIS-ESMA-GAC-EIAC

Chlorine Dioxide is a non-carcinogenic gas that dissolves in water in a stabilized form. When released and exposed to the air, the gas quickly reacts with the environment and may be slightly detected at a 0.005% concentration as delivered in commercial solution form when opening the container. The gas at a 0.005% concentration is safe to humans and animals.

Yes, D’VIRIA is safe to breath at the commercially available concentration. D’VIRIA will not irritate the skin or eyes at commercially available concentration levels.

D’VIRIA Chlorine Dioxide solution uses an eco-friendly patented formulation listed in the European Patent Office (EPO), and has been tested dermatologically to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating to the skin, while remaining non-carcinogenic and non-harmful to the environment. Not only is D’VIRIA Chlorine Dioxide solution Halal-certified, it is also listed under the National Science Foundation International in America (NSF) and the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI); and recognized by notable international agencies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
While D’VIRIA Chlorine Dioxide solution is not directly effective against the novel coronavirus, it is effective against harmful viruses, such as H1N1 and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Not only that, it also eliminates a full spectrum of bacteria, viruses, germs, algae, fungi, spores and molds.

D’VIRIA reacts quickly against all microbes and provides a complete kill (4 log-kill = 99.99% kill) within a few minutes of contact time.

Based on concentration, D’VIRIA will rapidly kill within minutes the contaminants on any surface with no residue left behind. As surfaces are exposed to additional contaminants (rate of contamination varies depending on the specific environment), D’VIRIA does not provide residual kill over a long period of time. It is designed to kill what exists on the surface at that moment. Surfaces will become re-contaminated and will require additional treatment over time.

Depending on your environment, you can apply D’VIRIA for disinfection as much as needed throughout a given time period. For hotspot areas that involve many human touch points in a given day (school rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, common rooms, transportation vessels and facilities, etc.) we recommend multiple treatments per day (recommended at least 1Hour each time).

D’VIRIA leaves no residual, is not corrosive or destructive to surfaces, and is safe to apply without subsequent wiping effort. However, if users prefer to wipe off D’VIRIA after application, be sure to let it sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping to ensure a complete kill of all contaminants on the surface.

No. D’VIRIA will not leave residual odors to surfaces after application.

Yes. D’VIRIA must be kept away from sunlight and from exposure to any form of UV light. D’VIRIA should be stored out of sunlight in a cool, dark area where possible. If spray bottles are refilled, high- density polyethylene containers (HDPE) are recommended. Do not let the D’VIRIA solution freeze.

Ultra low volume (ULV) foggers have been adequate to deliver D’VIRIA in a disinfecting capacity. The level of misting varies with different units and needs to be adjusted by the operator to avoid soaking surfaces. For thermal foggers, D’VIRIA is not compatible and should not be used.

D’VIRIA is a stabilised aqueous chlorine dioxide solution, and when activated it is the gas that is going to do the biocidal killing. In general, D’VIRIA can be sprayed, misted or fogged for disinfecting, sanitising and sterilizing purposes.

D’VIRIA has a faster speed of kill, leaves no residue and requires no personal protection equipment (PPE) to apply or post-application wiping.

The D’VIRIA Chlorine Dioxide Solution is great for air disinfectant in controlled, indoor environments, such as malls, offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants and at home. It is also effective as a multi-surface disinfectant on frequently touched surfaces at home and outside of home, such as elevator buttons, shopping trolleys, handrails and door handles.

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