The D’VIRIA brand was established by D’VIRIA NANO TECH (part of the HWGB group) to deliver a range of highly effective yet affordably priced healthcare products to the market, that were developed in-house through our extensive and rigorous scientific research and development process.

What makes D’VIRIA unique:

D’VIRIA is a patented disinfectant solution range that delivers 99.99% pure chlorine dioxide without any harmful by-products. Used primarily for sterilisation of surfaces and air, removal of mould and odour, deodorisation and disinfection, the unique composition ensures that the product is both safe to handle and simple to apply.

D’VIRIA does not generate any harmful by-products, is non-explosive, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic while providing higher sterilisation power than alcohol or bleach. It is also easily decomposed by light, meaning that it will not remain in the environment after disinfection.

D’VIRIA is a product of D’VIRIA NANO TECH (part of the HWGB group)

D’VIRIA Nano chlorine dioxide solution is listed and safeguarded by the European Patent Office (EPO) to prevent exploitation and unlawful recreations without permission, after meeting the organization’s specifications of originality, practicality, suitability and utility.

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